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Juke in 3D

Nissan and Adobe innovate to create a next-generation 3D experience around the Nissan JUKE!

(10.05.2011, ROLLE, Switzerland) Nissan Europe has launched Stage JUK3D, an online module that gives users an incredibly immersive experience of discovering and driving the Nissan JUKE, the sporty compact crossover.

This particular innovation called for a unique collaboration between Nissan Europe, Adobe and Digitas France, to present the perfect showcase for the amazingly smooth real time 3D rendering supported by Stage 3D technology in Adobe® Flash® Player 11.

Stage JUK3D
is the most recent step in Nissan's ongoing commitment to using technology to provide online users with innovative and exciting ways to discover their products.

This marks the first experiential platform of its kind to be powered by Adobe Flash Player 11 and its revolutionary Stage 3D technology.

"Adobe Flash Player 11 with Stage 3D opens new horizons in terms of customization. We can now prolong the Nissan experience by allowing users to discover the vehicle in an immersive universe that engages the senses and emotions as never before."
- Laurent de la Cotardière, VP Sales & Marketing, Nissan Europe


Discovery and customize
Launching Stage JUK3D the user gets to discover the Nissan JUKE from any angle, inside and out. They can actually move around the vehicle, open the doors and get inside it to see every detail. They can personalise it by choosing the exterior paint colour.


Once the user has customized their car, they can take the Nissan JUKE for a thrilling 3D spin around the edge of a city at night. Getting a real feel of Nissan JUKE's energy, the user gets to speed around a circuit as fast as they can, gathering energy balls and lighting up the city as they go. And then challenge their friends to match their lap times via social networks!

Adobe® Flash® Player 11 installation is required to run Stage JUK3D and it can be downloaded at

For more information, please contact: Lucie REMY
[email protected]


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