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The powerhouse that is the Nissan JUKE continues to energise the city with a Europe-wide competition.

(03.09.2011, ROLLE, Switzerland) NISSAN JUKE ROCKS is all about music. Four European bands will be given a series of challenges to complete, with the aim of creating the biggest online buzz.

Starting on March 8th, the public will be able to view a new challenge every ten days on the Nissan Juke YouTube channel. The more their videos get liked, the more points the groups will get and the one with the most points at the end of the competition will have the chance to organise an exclusive, turbo-charged concert to thank their fans. Log on to the Nissan Juke YouTube Channel to vote for your favourite group.

Do you want to be there? Visit the Nissan Juke Rocks Facebook page to win a VIP package or a ticket for the
final concert if your country wins:

The competition will run from 8th March to 8th May 2011. View the rules and conditions here.

Four countries, four groups, six challenges
Turbo-charged music

Pony Pony Run Run (Paris, France)

Voted best newcomer of the year by the public in the 2010 Victoires de la Musique competition, the French band PPRR formed in 2005. The three musicians from Nantes - Gaëtan, Amaël and Antonin - got together at art school, and have created a sound that veers from shiny pop melodies to eighties rock and electro. Their first album, You Need Pony Pony Run Run, delivers upbeat, hedonistic tunes that explode with energy.

The Visitors Attak (Rome, Italy)

After starting out in a garage near Naples in 2007, Danilo Pascale and Marco Mollo have risen to cult DJ status, spinning electro sounds and steadily winning fans with their avant-garde style. Underground lovers, they made their first album just for the fun of it!

The Pinker Tones (Barcelona, Spain)
Having travelled the planet to share their thrilling sound, and played in over 40 countries including Italy, the United States and Canada, Barcelona boys Mister Furia and Professeur Manso already made six albums and have proved their credentials. The Pinker Tones create music that is uplifting and electrifying, mixing pop and electro.

Bakkushan (Mannheim, Germany)

Made up out of Daniel Schmidt, Christian Kalle, Robert Kerner and Jan Siekmann, this German rock band formed in Mannheim in 2007, have been enthralling audiences with their captivating sound.

Bakkushan released their first album in 2010 and continue to rock the German scene.

One Nissan JUKE and six challenges that rock

1. 3 fans, 3 gigs, 3 hours
The artists must perform a energizing and intimate acoustic set in the homes of fans.

2. The most energetic video on the planet
Each group will take their inspiration from the energy of the Nissan Juke and combine this with the love of their cities to make the most energetic music video.

3. Surprise flash mob
For this challenge, the artists must get together and unit as many fans as possible for a flash mob that truly rocks.

4. Juke Superfan!
Tapping into this energy, the groups must set off in quest of their biggest fan. The first fan to correctly answer three questions about the band gets to spend an evening partying with their heroes.

5. Album cover
The artists must design an album cover that radiates urban energy.

6. Make the city their Juke-Box
The Nissan Juke & the bands will need to stage impromptu street concerts with a party vibe.

The Nissan Juke: unstoppable energy
The latest crossover to hit the streets, the Juke is not afraid to be different. Standing out from other city cars, this unique and stunning looker with an ultra-urban build is the perfect compromise between the ruggedness of an SUV and the responsiveness of a sports car.

See the videos of the challenges at:


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